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Erotic Quotes

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A man is only as old as the woman he feels.
--Groucho Marx (1890-1977) US comedian

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all
--Harriet Van Horne

I haven't had sex in eight months. To be honest, I now prefer to go bowling.
--Lil' Kim

Love is the greatest refreshment in life.
--Pablo Picasso

Older people exude bundles of sexuality. Older men, and women tend not run around like cats and dogs in heat.
--Jacqueline Bisset

If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question?
--Lily Tomlin

Love is the word used to label the sexual excitement of the young, the habituation of the middle-aged, and the mutual dependence of the old.
--John Ciardi

I'm too shy to express my sexual needs except over the phone to people I don't know.
--Garry Shandling

Life is the flower of which love is the honey.
--Victor Hugo

Sex lies at the root of life, and we can never learn to reverence life until we know how to understand sex.
--Havelock Ellis

If love is blind, what is the purpose of lingerie?

Love is the purpose for living.

A sex symbol becomes a thing. I hate being a thing
--Marilyn Monroe

I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.
--Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) Notting Hill

Getting married for sex is like buying a 747 for the free peanuts
--Jeff Foxworthy

Writing is a lot like sex. At first you do it because you like it. Then you find yourself doing it for a few close friends and people you like. But if you're any good at end up doing it for money.

Everyone probably thinks that I'm a raving nymphomaniac, that I have an insatiable sexual appetite, when the truth is I'd rather read a book.
--Madonna (1958-) US singer, actress in Q Magazine (London), Jun 1991.

Surfing on the Internet is like sex; everyone boasts about doing more than they actually do. But in the case of the Internet, it's a lot more.
--Tom Fasulo

Love is a matter of Chemistry, but sex is a matter of Physics

The important thing in acting is to be able to laugh and cry. If I have to cry I think of my sex life. If I have to laugh, I think of my sex life
--Glenda Jackson


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